"Tracey is an extremely valuable contributor in our marketing team on multiple levels. When it comes to being an active participant in a team setting or self-directed, Tracey excels at both. When expected to deliver multiple overlapping projects within tight deadlines, I know that Tracey will deliver on time and as specified. Not only does Tracey deliver, there is follow-through on the tasks assigned to her. Her excellent organizational skills and ownership improves the product delivery of the team. I'm excited to have such a talented rising star in our group."

Oliver Tumsuden, Digital Marketing Manager at Advanstar Communications


"Tracey is detail-oriented, conscientious and dependable. She is a quick study and needs minimal guidance. Her level of integrity and respect are impeccable and she will be an asset to any organization."

Yvette Mitchell, Recruiter, Enterprise Talent Acquisition at The Walt Disney Company


"Tracey is such an all around multifaceted person. Her skills, interests, passion, drive, and tenacity make her such a great person and employee. She has a strong work ethic to always 'Get it done,' and has a vibrant personality that is sure to be personable with any one she comes across. 

Not only is she friendly, professional, and a hard worker, she also has a leadership quality about her that shines through in her line of work. I would definitely recommend Tracey."

Shawn Matiossian, Senior Recruiter at Lionsgate


"Tracey is a fun filled young professional that was not only punctual but always the first one in and the last to leave while doing her internship with us. Anyone who is looking for a great person, and a GREAT employee need no longer look you have found her."

Mike Malina, Director Marketing and Sponsorship


"Tracey helped me out on several projects when we she interned at Tracey was very enthusiastic and took direction well; she was very detail oriented and completed tasks on time. She was very professional and could confidently communicate with people at all levels of the company when needed.

 Erica ForretteSenior Digital Marketing Manager at