I am a Los Angeles native. Born and raised. I love my city.

Land of the stereotypes and the city of dreams, LA is host to tons of different types of people. I can’t imagine living somewhere that isn’t as diverse. We’ve got cities within cities…within cities…within towns. It’s awesome. Koreatown, Little Ethiopia, Chinatown, Little Belize…again, it’s AWESOME.

Step outside your door after nightfall, and you’re pupils fill with light. Our tree of choice? A palm tree of course. The only tree appropriate to fill our little slice of paradise. Celebrity sightings can happen often, and will. Tourists too. They’re everywhere. Luxury cars frequent our streets heavily, and they’re usually stuck in our awful traffic. The 405 is the devil.

People come here to make their dreams happen. The allure of this city is undeniable. It can also be scary. Scary and dangerous. In some corners of this city, you’ve got to watch your back. You can’t wear certain colors, look or speak to certain people. Unique social norms run rampant in this city, and whether you’re an import or a native, you’ve got to take note of these norms.

Even with all of the negatives, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

City of dreams and lost souls. What a beautiful combination. Ciudad De Los Angeles. My city. Our city. I couldn’t think of a better city to find myself.