"Atlanta" activation at ComplexCon -- Celebrity Engagement


The infamous "Atlanta" couch was placed in an abandoned lot as an activation at the 2017 ComplexCon. Musicians, actors, influencers and other fans stopped by to take boomerang-like photos to commemorate the 2018 release of Season 2. Our team worked to secure influencer shares and retweets, as seen here with Big Sean's retweet.

Video // Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Rather than posting the standard image as a tune-in graphic for our Facebook Live panel with the Rings cast and director, I designed a video that played into the theme and scare tactics of the film. The VHS overlay refers to the tape that when passed, kills characters in the movie. Every few seconds the main character, Samara, glitches into the frame.

VIDEO // Facebook; quick cuts on Instagram and Twitter

This film was released in December, but our window was in March. The comedy has a lot of crazy, out of control moments at an Office Christmas Party. We setup a shoot at an old corporate office, and dressed it up as if it was the back of the building that’s in the movie. The goal was to create a viewing experience that caught the eye of the user scrolling through his/her feed and it ended up being something that and just couldn’t stop watching. We used a unique URL that our target audience would relate to and identify as a part of the joke.

VIDEO // Twitter

In the film ‘Arrival’ there is a universal language that consist shapes and points. Pre-production filmmakers worked with a linguistic to create an actual language for the film. In an effort to get additional support from our social partners, we had the linguistic create symbols for the each platform. We crafted a post for Twitter and the pushed it through their film platform on the day of our digital release.

VIDEO // Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Gearing up for the holiday shopping season, this video was a funny way to engage the holiday crowds in a sing-a-long, and make them think of the film. It was a pre-order asset that did so well organically, that we pushed it in a paid campaign through the holiday to increase product awareness.

Video // Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

2016 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Star Trek franchise. Our goal was to create a tribute video that not only paid homage to notable characters and sayings, but evoked a sense of nostalgia and excitement for the future of the franchise.