He was right. NWTS.

He was right. NWTS.

So, we’ve now had exactly 2 weeks to ride along with Drizzy on his Junior album, Nothing Was The Same. With Tuscan Leather at the starting line, NTWS delivers classic Drake to its listeners. With an assertive voice, and even more vulnerable lyrics (if that’s even possible), Drake and 40 take it to another level on beats provided on Tuscan Leather, Furthest Thing, Worst Behavior, Come Thru, and more.

One of the things that I love most about Drizzy is his ability to tell stories- some sad, some sexual, and some hypothetical. Records like Connect and 305 to My City offer sultry chorus’ that keep you hooked, and lyrics to back up your presence.

Chills crawl while listening to Too Much. True to form, this record delves into the really personal side of Drake. Reliability isn’t too difficult to conjure being that while we may not all have the same issues, issues are issues.

So I’m a lyrics girl. I’m all about them. Jhene Aiko’s voice is perfect for Furthest Thing. What’ the line that got me excited? “I love me. I love me enough for the both of us.” That did it. In 305 To My City, Drizzy compliments a woman’s hustle. Saying, “I get it, I get it. I get it, I get it. Ya hustle don’t ever go unnoticed baby. I’m with you, I’m with it.” While parts of this record are about a stripper (unfortunately, also in true Drake fashion), I don’t apply it in that context.

Jay slightly disappointed me on Pound Cake. I wanted him to come harder than he did. Truly, I listen to that record so that I can get to Paris Morton Music 2. Love it when Drizzy speaks his mind and slyly calls folks out:

“Like I should be less aggressive and pessimistic

Like I should be way more nervous and less dismissive

Like I should be on my best behavior and not talk my shit
And do it major like the *****s who paved the way for us

Like I didn’t study the game to the letter

And understand that I’m not doing it the same, man, I’m doing it better

Like I didn’t make that clearer this year”

Shouldn’t we all think that we’re the greatest at what we do? Agreed.

Started From the Bottom and All Me are great radio records, but played out now. They’re on my “No Play” list. I’ve been blaring it in the background as I write this, and I’m just now noticing how much my head has been bouncing in front of my co-workers. No apologies.

Overall, how would I describe the album? Classic long verses over positively sinking and hype beats. If you haven’t purchased it yet, you’re missing out.

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