Are Hashtags #Underrated or #OverUsed

Hashtag originator, Twitter, defines the symbol as one that is “used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.”

While still serving as a tag to categorize posts, over the years, the hashtag has taken on a new role. Now, people also utilize it to express feelings, moods and sentiments that are “unspoken”, but still apply. When someone writes, “Good morning friends #riseandgrind” they’re not only broadcasting a salutation, but they’re also sharing their mindset. Phrases like this one, #sorryimnotsorry, #brotherfromanothermother #dudesbelike #sneakerhead and #likeaboss are considered stables by many social media users.

With platforms such as Facebook and Instagram adapting the use of the hashtag, it’s much easier to come across those I’ve light heartedly deemed, “hashtag hackers”. These are folks who use tons of hashtags and/or those who create hashtag phrases that are more like statements.

Are users abusing the use of hashtags, and if so, when did this trend begin? Why do folks find the need to let us know that they’re “#notinthemoodtotalk”, when they’re clearly sharing their messages and pictures with their friends or followers? When did announcing that you “#cantwaitogetoffwork” become necessary and accepted?

What do you think? Are hashtags #underrated or #overused?