In response...

In response...

"All we want to do is break the chains off"

"Let me ask you something. If the kids are the future, tell me why you can get more for being C.O., than you can for being a teacher."

"Black rage is founded who fed us self hatred
Lies and abuse while we waited and waited
Spiritual treason 
This grid and it's cages
Black rage was founded on these kinds of things"

Usually I might clown, but right now 

This one’s for Mike Brown so pipe down. 
We gotta stop all the rioting in the streets, 
We ain’t doing nothing but proving we’re animals to police. 

Another child dies, another mother cries, 
Another neighborhood left with a whole bunch of whys, 
Why did they pursue him, why oh why’d they have to shoot ’im, 
But I don’t think that the answer is everybody lootin’. 

But fuck that cop, he deserve state time. 
They let Zimmerman off, this cop ain’t learned from Trayvon. 
I’m just sitting here dropping a little tear of knowledge, 
cause Mike Brown ain’t even get to see a day of college. 

He would have started soon and there’s an empty seat in class. 
All because of these demons hidin’ behind a badge, 
So fuck that badge, fuck your protection, 
And fuck that law carryin’ your weapons. 

But some of these stores y’all lootin’ is black owned 
I know it’s for a cause but some of them still got families at home. 
It’s not a black and white thing, it’s about abusing the law. 
I can’t imagine Dorian’s face when he saw Mike fall. 

My tears wettin’ the page while I’m writin’ this, 
I know you so in tune, if you not why are you fightin’ it, 
Just let it go, just let your heart beat and never lose control, 
And God rest his soul 

‘Cause I am Mike Brown. I am Mike Brown. He represents us all, 
We from a similar town 
Walking the similar streets, we got similar police, 
So how do I know I ain’t gonna end up under a similar sheet? 

So I am Mike Brown 
because I’m watching with my homie, 
I’m just walking my block, 
man er’body know me. 
So I am Mike Brown, I am Mike Brown… 

I’m Mike Brown, I am shot down 
I am Larry Davis bleedin’ on my dingy cell 
I am Angelo Clark, I am Oscar Grant 
I Am Dante Price doin’ what you others can’t 

I am Bo Morrison, Melvin Ba….(?) 
I own the voices of these people cuz they all long gone. 
Let’s go behind the badge fought behind the beat, 
Behind the politics they wonder why we don’t trust police. 

They wonder why we carry, carry knives on us 
They look for drugs but shoot for anything they find on us, 
I am just here sittin’ fightin’ for my life, kickin', 
Someone dyin’ cuz police said I looked suspicious. 

We all of these people in so many ways 
I am Raymond Oyler left to die for two days 
I just bought a new hoodie, guess I’m Trayvon 
I am Duane Brown layin’ down tryin’ not to die 

I suppose I feel my heart beat, and someone listen 
And all you dealin’ with is maybe gonna lose your pension. 
You might not notice this but this the new form of lynchin'. 
I got my hands up but still I see that cop inchin’. 

The mystery it is something that I’ll never know 
Why they had to shoot him down, couldn’t just let him go, 
The mystery it is I think I’ll never know 
Why they had to shoot him down, couldn’t just let him go… 

Don't Shoot

Don't Shoot

Actor and activist Jesse Williams on the double standards and the narratives around race.

Actor and activist Jesse Williams on the double standards and the narratives around race.